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Greater Grand Rapids Metro Commercial Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Floor Stripping and Waxing

We may not be your ‘cheapest price’,
but we ARE the ‘right choice’.

Talking VCT Tile flooring here, the stripping and refinishing of it. This is an ongoing service, which could & should be done periodically, which when done correctly, should give your floors the appearance you desire, along with the durability you need.

  • OUR WORK for you.
  • Detail vacuum, to remove dirt, hairs, dust, bugs, sand, stones, papers, etc – prior to stripping.
  • Using wax stripping chemicals, we will detail all edges, corners, door jams, even the bottom ½” of baseboards will be cleaned. Then using power scrubbers for all main floor areas, we will strip off old finish.
  • Rinse mop all floors TWICE, to remove dirt, old finish and stripping slurry. Get the floors prepped to apply finish.
  • Then we rinse mop a THIRD time, with a PH neutralizer solution, to insure all stripping product is removed, which gives our floor finish a much better adhesion to your floors.
  • ‘some companies’ apply (1) coat of finish, ‘many companies’ apply (2) coats – which is better. We here at GH – Cleaning apply (3) coats – which gives you better protection for a higher shine and better durability. We utilize a product from NCL, called “24/7” – this is a new ‘micro-technology’ product, designed with smaller molecules, to adhere deeper and tighter to the flooring. This also contains 25% solids, which gives a very high gloss. Have had outstanding results.
  • You will be pleased – simple as that.

We submit prices that are your COMPLETE costs.

All labor, equipment, supplies & chemicals, insurances, taxes are included.

As stated earlier, we’ve been around for 40 years, we wouldn’t (shoot, we couldn’t) still be here if we were not trustworthy & dependable, delivering a quality product to you, our customer.

All work to be professionally performed, with full commitment to honesty and integrity.

All work is fully guaranteed for your complete satisfaction. All workers, of course, are covered by Workman's Compensation and Liability Insurance.

Tile Flooring … thru GH – Cleaning Services

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before & after shots

This is a child daycare center. Look at this floor, been washed & mopped so many times – it’s dry, stained, lifeless. Much harder to keep clean, plus can harbor bacteria.

Which would YOU chose to have YOUR child crawl on ??

This is the SAME CENTER, once we were done. Not only did we deep scrub this floor, to remove dirt & germs, it is now polished to a high luster. Looks fantastic, and MUCH easier to maintain, day in & day out.

A few more shots, different facility. But look at the vibrant colors, the shine bouncing off these floors. These floors are MUCH easier to damp mop, to maintain their cleanliness. We also realize that many facilities promote mopping with a slight amount of bleach – unfortunately, this damages your floors much earlier than need be. We have a product by NCL, called ENHANCE – which is truly a great cleaning agent, but also retains the shine on your floors, ask us about this !

This is what all managers would like to see, let us help you to get to this !!!