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Hudsonville Places of Faith & Worship

Synagogue, Church, Chapel, Ministry Center, Tabernacle, Temple, Cathedral – there are many names/titles/inscriptions that you can use, but however you want to label it – it is YOUR place of Worship. This is a place of warmth, caring and hope. Friends gather, bread is broken, the Word is spoken, songs fill the air – and we all can learn “just a little more” each time we come.

But of course, with much use, comes dirt & grime – fingerprints & smudges – restrooms get messy, kitchens get splattered up, daycare areas need cleaning & disinfecting … it’s all part of a church building. This is where we can come in to help, we’ve been at this a long time, we know what you folks can use. We also know the ‘different kinds’ of needs, that Worship centers have.

  • limited budgets
  • flexible schedules
  • possibly during the day, or later in the evening
  • bits & pieces of areas, scattered throughout your facility

Sure, we can work with volunteers, I think every church has tried this a time or 2. Seems like a great idea, and it is !!! But we also know that volunteers have a way of doing ‘OK work’, showing up ‘most’ of the time, and covering ‘almost’ all areas requested. Of course, there are some churches with budgets & needs, that can have their own in-house staff, this works well for all. We also realize that many churches don’t have the numbers or budgets for this, that maybe they have 3-4 hours a week of cleaning, or maybe 8-10 hours, but either way – not a full time position. Or maybe they simply do not ‘want to’ have the cleanliness of their facility, fall on their shoulders – again, this is where we can help.

Give us a call, allow me to walk through, take a tour, hear what your particular needs are, let me customize a plan – that will take care of your needs, and still fit your budget. We will do our best, to create a WIN – WIN solution !